Quick Preview Post in Beelog 2.3

Use the default keyboard shortcut on Mac / the “Spacebar” to preview post.


Tumblr Mac Client for Manage Private Blog

There are two new features in Beelog 2.3 relative to private blog:

1, You could access private blog now in Beelog. There is nothing you need to do with this, your private blog will automatically showup in Beelog.

2, Add delete post. Simple choose the blog you want to manage, and select the post you want to delete, then use ‘Service Menu’/Delete, or keyboard shortcut Command + Delete to remove the post.


Demo video for Beelog.


Reading post by category is a useful feature when you want to track some special blogs. Enable ‘Automatically’ download unread article in Preference/Reading firstly.  1) Open ‘Manage Category’ and Drag drop blogs to category. 2) Switch category in the top filter bar.


Beelog 2.3 published

What’s new:

* Retina-ready. 
* 10.8 Compatibility. 
* Read by category. 
* Mirror the UI (from right to left layout). 
* Delete publish or queue blog. 
* Unlike post. 
* Default tag when publish. 
* Like and reblog when preview. 
* performance improve for reading. 
* Tag auto complete. 
* Sandboxing for 10.7+. 
* More than 30 improvement and bug fix. 

You may need re login tumblr after upgrade.


What’s new in next update of Beelog

We are working on some great features of Beelog, include:

- Access private blog (Tumblr API provide this feature recently)

- Read blogs by category

- Retina support for new macbook

- Mountain Lion compatibility

- Big performance improve 

And more.


Feedback: Freezes Constaly

Freezes Constaly - This is the best app I’ve seen so far for the price. Love the customizable options. My only problem with the app is it freezes constanlty. When it frezzes it slows every other app I have open up too. It’s one of those apps that don’t show up on the list of open applications when trying to force quit. So the only way to recover is waiting however long it takes to snap back (which on average seems to take between 10 and 20 mintues), or restart your computer.

We notice this a few months ago. There will be a big performance improve in the next update of Beelog. We change the core for drawing text and images. It works smoothly and fastly as we test.

We will release the new update soon. 


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Available in App Store.


Beelog 2.2 Release

  1. Fix full screen on Lion
  2. Performance improve, We are working on this for a while. 

Also, we stop maintain Beelog Lite because we do not have enough time to dev two version. But we will continue improve Beelog. 

You may ask for promo code from us if you really like Beelog and you cannot afford it. thank you.


Feekback: Send to Twitter when Reblog & Comment

Please, can you add a “Send to Twitter” function when you want to Reblog & Comment. Thanks.

Yes, We add this feature to our todo list. Thanks for feedback.